Name: KayOh
Price: 50.00 USD

KayOh is the rank for the most badass of the badass.

You get all the VIP+ features, and extra features such as:

- Infinite homes, basically. (30 homes, do you need more?!)
- /rtp 30 seconds cooldown (instead of

- Access to /fly (inherits from VIP+)

- You can claim up to 500 chunks instead of the 100 default.
- You can CHUNK LOAD ALL 500 CHUNKS TOO. (Please don't abuse this)
- (More features will come later, this is mainly for bragging rights)

Ranks are applied manually, so if we aren't online to change it instantly, let us know in DM or in the public discord. But if you have questions or need support, contact me!

My Discord is: